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Carpooling to CSU is a fun, environmentally friendly alternative to driving yourself to campus. Get a bunch of friends together who need to be on campus at the same time and share rides. A carpool reduces pollution and can provide enjoyable conversation on the way to class. In addition, you can split the cost of commuting with your friends.

Carpool Matching

If you don't know enough people who need to be on campus at the same time to organize your own carpool, SmartTrips, a website dedicated to reducing automobile dependency and providing information on alternative transportation choices for northern Colorado, offers a free carpool matching service.

Commuting from Denver

If you are commuting to the CSU campus from Denver, Denver Commuter Services may be able to help you join a carpool or vanpool to Fort Collins, and can even help you calculate the impact you are making by sharing a ride.

CSU RideShare

CSU RideShare gives students, faculty and staff at Colorado State University the ability to make potential carpool arrangements quickly and securely. The goal of CSU RideShare is to help users find rides, save money, reduce pollution and traffic congestion, and encourage GREENER transportation choices. CSU RideShare is free to CSU students, faculty, and staff.