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Permit Application Forms

'A', 'B', 'H' (ADA)^, 'Q', 'W', 'X', 'Z', and 'M' (motorcycle) permits may be purchased online. If you require another type of permit (including 'J' service zone permits+, 'D' doctor permits, or 'AD' admin reserved permits) you will need to either purchase your permit in person at the Parking Services office in the southwest corner of the Lake Street Garage. For your convenience, you can download and print the form(s) below, complete all of the relevant sections, and bring the completed forms with you.

^ If you are applying for an 'H' (ADA) permit, you MUST have a valid permanent medical authorization on file. Please have your Physician fill out a Medical Permit Application Form and return it to our office. Permanent medical aurhorizations do not have to be renewed.

+ If you are applying for a 'J' service zone permit, you MUST have your Department Head or Director email us at with your name, the reasons why you need a 'J' service zone permit, and a description of the duties which warrant close proximity parking.

Miscellaneous Forms

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